DIY Clothing Embroidery

DIY Clothing Embroidery


I am working hard behind the scenes to create DIY clothing embroidery kits, stick and stitch stickers for your own embroidery projects, and a comprehensive beginners guide to embroidering on clothing.  Stay tuned, and sign up for email updates so you don't miss out!!


What will the beginners guide cover?

1. The two different types of clothing embroidery projects (floss projects, and yarn projects)

2.  The materials needed to complete clothing embroidery projects

3.  The most common hand embroidery stitches that will allow you to complete any project (picture guide, and video tutorials)

4. Answering all of the commonly asked questions including...

  • What kind of yarn should I use?
  • Do I need to use an embroidery hoop?
  • Where do you buy your materials?
  • Should I add a backing to protect the stitches?
  • How do I start and stop my projects?
  • How do you embroider a name?
  • How do I transfer a pattern to my clothing to embroider if I don't like my own handwriting? 
  • When to use yarn vs. floss for embroidery, and the best materials to complete these projects?
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