Think of it like a book club, but for embroidery

Join a community of embroiderers, become inspired, receive monthly patterns, guided projects, resources, and more within our digital embroidery club

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Who is it for?

  • Busy mamas looking for accountability on making time for themselves
  • Small business owners that are selling their embroidered items
  • Beginner to intermediate embroiderers looking for inspiration and detailed guidance on projects
  • Those ready to practice their embroidery skills on a variety of patterns to improve their skills
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I see you...

I get it. Life is crazy. As moms, we wear a million hats.

It's hard to make time for ourselves, and at times it seems impossible. But it's important to fill your cup too.

The Stitch Collective is made with busy moms in mind. It's made for the mama's that are looking for that extra motivation, inspiration, and accountability to finally commit to making time for a hobby.

I'm ready to have something for ME
Yes-- receive over $150 in resources for only $24.95/month

The patterns will provide full recommendations, materials, and tips, but stitch tutorials are not included in the club. if you need to learn embroidery, i recommend my online embroidery courses.

Gone are the day's of searching for your next project. Receive the full details directly to your inbox, month after month to save you time and money.

Enter your projects feeling motivated and confident.

Join the club to receive immediate access to bonus resources

I love spoiling my people, so the club will include access to numerous BONUS resources and guides. As new things are added, you'll receive access to them!

Making time for a hobby workshop: this is a 15 page, guided workshop that will help you analyze your day, your habits, and your routines, to identify ways to create the time for the hobby you deserve

Guide to using digital embroidery patterns: 7 page guide that teaches you: How to use embroidery paper and where to get it, how to transfer your design to the paper (no printer needed), how to adjust the size of your digital pattern to meet your project needs

Color palette guide: This guide will be updated monthly and will continue to grow. It includes numerous color palettes, so you can quickly and easily pick out a color palette for your projects

Spring and summer shopping guide: A guide with 70 clothing items that are begging to be embroidered! Each item includes links for easy shopping. You'll be quickly inspired by the variety of items you can add your embroidery to.

Clothing Embroidery Material Guide: Each pattern of the month will provide the specific materials I used for that project, but you'll also receive a list of ALL of my favorite clothing embroidery materials, with a shoppable list.

The bonus materials will continue to grow.

That's right... you're getting patterns, right to sell, community, inspiration, and bonus resources every month, for only $24.97

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Check out the exclusive patterns, available to Club members only

These patterns are available for purchase in a private library. You can use your 20% off discount

The Stitch Collective Community is like a girls night in. Bring the wine, bring your project, bring the gossip, and become inspired.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes- you can cancel at anytime!

How will I receive the content?

After subscribing, you will receive directions to create an account within my website. This allows you to access the club portal which will have the monthly patterns, bonus resources, and more. You can download your items from the club portal.

Everything within the club is delivered digitally. No physical items are included.

If you’re in one of my courses- the setup is the same!

Can I sell what I make using your patterns?

YES! That's one of the great benefits of joining the club.

This is great for small businesses. This can be used as a tax write off, and you can sell the items you make from the club access.

You can easily make your money back and more!

What types of patterns will be included monthly?

The patterns will vary month to month and will be designed for clothing or accessory embroidery (ex: sweater, sweatshirt, hats, and more!)

Patterns may include: floral designs, seasonal designs, and more!

The bonus patterns will always include a gender neutral design, or one design for girls and one for boys.

I don't know how to use digital patterns, is this right for me?

No printer is required to used digital patterns! I have a full, free guide HERE which teaches you how to use digital embroidery patterns.

Will I learn how to embroider in the club?

Stitch tutorials are NOT included within the membership.

The challenge pattern of the month will include stitch recommendations and material recommendations, but it will not teach you how to complete the stitches.

If you’d like to learn embroidery, you can consider our clothing embroidery courses. Find out more info HERE

What if I don't finish the pattern of the month, will I lose it?

You have the ability to download your patterns each month. This allows you to complete them whenever you’d like and use them multiple times and year after year!

If I join at the end of the month, will I be charged again on the 1st?

Yes! You receive immediate access to this months patterns- so make sure you download them before they’re gone!

You will then be charged on the 1st of the month as new patterns are released.

Hi, I'm Jessy

As a mama of 2 little hooligans, and one on the way, I know how hard it can be to make time for yourself!

I taught myself how to embroider, and I quickly fell in love with the meditative, relaxing qualities of the craft.

I went from feeling like I had nothing to do for me, and no time to myself, to finding a hobby that I loved, and feeling like I finally had something for ME. It made me a better mama as it allowed me to slow down, become more patient, and be the present mom I've always wanted to be.

I believe in the great benefits of having a hobby, and I want to help other mama's find themselves again through a hobby.

When trying to learn, I couldn't find the resources I needed. It took a lot of trial and error, which lead me to teaching other mamas how to embroider, to save them so much time and research!

I'm so glad you found me. I can't wait to help you reclaim that me time that you deserve!

Still not sure if the club is for you? Feel free to reach out, I'm happy to help!