Collection: Digital Embroidery Patterns

Explore a variety of patterns, handwritten and hand drawn by me, available to help you create your own hand embroidered clothing projects!

This collection features digital embroidery patterns.  You will receive a copy of the pattern by email (no physical item will be sent).

You will receive instructions for utilizing your template, but these patterns do not include stitching instructions as they are meant to be a canvas for your creativity.  If you're looking for more guidance, check out the patterns within our monthly embroidery club, The Stitch Collective which include fully guided details!


 If you're interested in learning how to embroider on clothing, check out the Clothing Embroidery Course HERE

Not sure how to use digital patterns?

I have a free guide to help you learn how to use digital patterns. It will teach you which paper to use, how to use the paper for clothing embroidery, and how to transfer your design (no printer needed!)

Get the free guide